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        Ruineng New Energy is a new energy enterprise focusing on photovoltaic power generation. The company is mainly engaged in theresearch and deveiopment, production and sales of photovoltaic BIPV products, and the development, investment and construction of distributed photovoltaic power stations. The photovoltaic tiles developed by the company can replace the traditional tiles to be installed on the slope roof and the flat slope roof, which is a kind of photovoltaic building materials. Photovoltaic tile products include: Solar Flat Tile, Solar Glass Tile, Solar Aspirant Tile and Solar Waveform Tile. Different from ordinary solar power generation products, Ruineng solar tiles can completely replace roof building materials and realize the integration of buildings. Ruineng also pruduct silicon BIPV and thin-film BIPV photovotaic modules. The colorful BIPV photovoltaic modules add more luster to the bulidings.

        Since 2017, our company insists on product development and innovation, our concept is technology-leading, quality-oriented, customer-centered, committed to becoming the world's leading supplier of photovoltaic watt.



        Enterprise spirit

        With innovative thinking and innovative products, create value for the society and realize the value of the enterprise itself.

        • Enterprise mission
        • The survival foundation of an enterprise lies in its social responsibility and the existence value of its employees lies in its corporate responsibility.


        (I) basic requirements of partners

        (1) highly agree with the company's products, brand, prospects and business philosophy, and committed to joint development of the brand market and ruineng.
        (2) independent management of stores/office space, sales staff and business team, fully display the product and brand advantages.
        (3) have the ability to develop distributors and strong market management ability.
        (4) have a certain business scale and capital strength.

        (II) partner joining policy
        In order to better layout the domestic residential market, the company's layout and market maturity are combined to carry out four regional plans for attracting investment in the domestic market. The details are as follows:
        (1) category of jiangsu, zhejiang and Shanghai.
        The beijing-tianjin-hebei region.
        (3) areas of hebei, shandong, anhui, henan, hubei
        (4) areas other than the above areas

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